Things British students would relate to

Studying in a distinctive learning environment would mean that you grow up learning a few different things than the usual and it would also mean there are some things which no one else but you would relate to. Primary school British curriculum is different than the others and if you have been a part of it, then we are sure you would relate to the following things:

  • British schools are known for their clubs and leisure activities as the students bond together over similar interests. This is the reason that sororities and fraternity groups confuse you. One place to have fun after school would be the club.
  • Learning from professors is complicated than learning from seniors. You may see chunks of students dividing themselves into groups of 12 and learning with a senior in the library which is also the reason you are rarely found in class and more in study groups.
  • If you have a long weekend holiday coming up, you may be inclined to fly away back to home and enjoy the bits of life there. British school in Dubai fees is certainly high but this does not stop you from saving up from your pocket money and buying cheap airline flights just to meet your folks back home.
  • British school’s curriculum does not give you an easy time to score good and lift up your confidence. They have a different kind of marking and checking system which does not only focus on studies but also makes sure that you are doing good all around the curriculum. Your hobbies to attitude, everything will be kept under notice.
  • Growing up watching Harry Potter will give you relatable feels because it surely is very similar to learning in Hogwarts with cobble stones and castle like walls along with ancient buildings which speak history. It is the similar attitude of teachers which also gives you the feel of living and studying in Hogwarts itself.
  • Lunch is probably one of the best and most cherished things about the school. The meals are actually pretty decent and good as the quality and flavours are all kept under consideration for students to enjoy. This is also the time of the day when you enjoy the most with your friends.

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