How to Improve My Body’s Functionality and Mobility

Physiotherapist in Dubai is a highly educated healthcare professionals that provide a variety of healthcare services to patients with physical disabilities. Their work is usually focused on managing injuries, diseases, and general pain management for patients.

Physiotherapists perform a variety of different services such as:

  • muscle strengthening
  • stretching exercises
  • balance, and coordination training
  • other types of rehabilitative exercise programs

Here is a brief description of the services that a physiotherapist offers.

The primary purpose of a physiotherapist is to aid in healing processes for patients that have suffered injuries and provide the best acupuncture in Dubai. They work closely with patients to design tailored programs geared to restore as much mobility and function as possible to the patient.

They are also trained to assist patients in all stages of health from newborn to senior age whose mobility and function are greatly affected by:

  • stroke and traumatic injuries
  • diseases and accidents

They are generally involved in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with various types of diseases and disorders that impact mobility. While some specialize in:

  • pediatrics and geriatrics
  • orthopedics and neurology
  • cardiology and neurology
  • physical sciences and orthopedics
  • pediatrics, trauma and sports medicine

A physical examination is the initial step in a physiotherapist’s evaluation process. During this physical examination, the physiotherapist will evaluate the severity of the patient’s condition and determine where the deficiency lies that needs correction. The evaluation will also include:

  • x-rays
  • magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • ultrasound tests
  • Once these tests are completed, a complete history and diagnosis of the condition will be determined.

Process Done by Physiotherapists:

Once a full history and a complete diagnosis has been established, a personalized program for the patient’s specific needs will be developed. Often, physiotherapy is combined with exercise to address problems related to an injury or chronic condition such as lower back pain or osteoarthritis. Exercise programs should include:

  • stretching strengthening
  • balance training to target problem areas

The exercise program should be supervised by a physiotherapist who will help to manage the exercise and ensure that it is performed properly.

When working with individuals with physical limitations, the physiotherapist may also recommend rehabilitation. Rehabilitation can range from physiotherapy to surgery. In some instances, the physiotherapist may refer their patient to a health care specialist for rehabilitation services. The health care professional will administer the rehabilitation program and work closely with the patient to achieve the best outcome.